This is my wife, companion and best friend Barbara. She is the brains behind this opperation. She has her own business in software design - 5th Avenue Software.
My son David and his wife Lisa have had three daughters. Tragically the first daughter, Ashley died of sids when four months old. Things have looked up since then. We have two healthy happy grand daughters, Allison now five and Alexandra now three. Allison was born BDC (before digital camera) so we will pick up with Alley 2 and Alexa as a baby. This is Alexa.
This is great grandmother Pettway with Alexa.
Allison age three turning on the charm.
Alexa with her dad, David on her christening day.
Allison three, all dressed up to go to Alexa's christening.
The swing is more fun than a stuffy christening!
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