Flutenet was founded by Glenn Ross as an open forum for all those interested in the flute. Flutenet continues as a living memorial to Glen's memory.

Flutenet is one of the longest running email discussion groups around. It was founded long before the 1998 date on the host YahooGroups.com site. When Glen Ross started his group he wanted free and open discussion - of any topic. He often described it as a cyber flute pub. A place for flutists to gather and talk about whatever they wanted to discuss. When I joined there were less than 20 members. Now we are approaching 2,000 members.

This group of people became almost a family. They rejoiced with the others on the birth of children and grand children and weddings. The supported those dealing with illness and funerals. Even today as Flutenet grows it is still a beautiful and caring group of people. It has often been called an "oasis on the internet".

Before Glen died in May, 2003 as was typical of his great humor and strong personality he let it be known the Trefor Richards and I WOULD take over Flutenet and keep it going. Trefor and I consider this a great honor and work hard to keep Flutenet exactly as Glen intended it to be - free, open and friendly.

To join us on Flutenet go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/ type in "Flutenet" and follow the instructions.

This photo was taken on my visit to Coventry in January of 2002. Standing are Trefor Richards, his wife Mary and two of his grand daughters. Seated are Glenn Ross and his wife Val.
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