The Mid-South Flute Society had its beginning as the Memphis Flute Society, founded by Ruth Ann McClain and a few others. It soon became obvious that an organization was needed that served a much larger area and the name was changed to Mid-South to reflect the area served. This has become a fairly large organization which draws members from Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and east Texas southern Illinois and southern Kentucky.

The main meeting of the Mid-South Flute Society is the Flute Festival Mid-South which is held in March of each year. In alternate years the festival is held in Memphis, TN, the center of our membership. In other years the festival is hosted in our area of membership away from Memphis.

Our festival features a number of competitions including a Young Artist Competition that draws entries from across the country. There is always a guest artist who performers and teaches a masterclass. Recent guest artists include: Alexa Still, Bonita Boyd, Matej Zupan, Lorna McGhee, Wissam Boustany and Susan Hoeppner. There are also flute choirs and a number of presentations of interest to flutists of all ages and interests.

For further information on the Mid-South Flute Society, our festival and competitions visit our web site:


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